Your Online Presence

by automatically targeting audiences,
locations, devices, and more based on
real-time insights through programmatic advertising.

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  • Programmatic Display Advertising

    Target audiences based on demographic, behavior, content, geo, frequency caps, and day parting via all major data exchanges.

  • Professional Paid Search Management

    Our experienced Google and Bing certified team conduct competitor analysis and conquest while continually optimizing your campaigns.

  • Programmatic Native Advertising

    Native Advertising seamlessly integrates a brand’s most engaging images and content into contextually relevant editorial using a single creative that dynamically adapts to match font and format.

Customer Targeting

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    Quality Targeting Equation based on “User Location Data”- the future of geo fencing technology, which can target users to the 5th decimal place, 1 meter.

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    Device ID

    Look back product software that grabs the device ID from a user’s device(s) in their home, which will let you target them, wherever they go.

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    IP Targeting

    IP Targeting focuses internet advertising to consumers based on their Internet Protocol (IP) address by matching prospects or previous customer’s physical address with specific IP’s to target them in their homes.