About Us

AdEndeavor is a digital programmatic advertising division within IBJ Media. It was created with the intention to provide quality digital marketing accessible to every business, large and small. AdEndeavor and its partners provide businesses with endless possibilities targeting the ideal consumer.

At AdEndeavor, we pride ourselves in helping businesses achieve their targeting goals. We offer our in house designing services, if you do not have the capabilities. Your budget will be what you spend, there will be no additional charges or fees.  AdEndeavor is the digital marketing partner you will want on your team.

What is programmatic?

The automated algorithmic purchase and sale of digital advertising space in real time.

This advertising allows marketers to maximize their exposure with target markets anywhere and everywhere the customers are consuming digital content on any device.

Demographic Targeting: Target users based on their age, gender, HHI, career and ethnicity

Behavioral Targeting: Target consumers based on their search, click and web browsing history

Content Targeting: Target consumers based on kinds of sites and content they’re visiting

Geo Targeting: Target users based on radius, zip, city, county, DMA, and state

Frequency Caps: Limit the number of times a user can see your ad

Day Parting: Target your key consumers at a time when they’re most likely to buy

Our team of Programmatic Buying experts can tailor a plan for any budget that guarantees a minimum equivalent of a .1% CTR (almost 2x national average according to Think With Google based on a number of purchased impressions).

Why AdEndeavor?

Transparency & Trust
We believe in telling it like it is. We don’t tell you exactly what you want to hear. We bring bold ideas, but we also know when to be quiet and listen. We are transparent when we are wrong or when something isn’t working. We want to build your trust, while also providing strategic ideas to achieve your goals.

Meaningful & Long-Term Partnerships
AdEndeavor brings a spirit of true partnership to all of our clients. We are interested in quickly earning your trust and building long-term, mutually beneficial relationships. We are here for the long haul.

  • Inventory quality: Quantcast Top 5,000 sites
    Includes the top 5,000 sites that users are visiting based on demographics. (Examples: CNN, People, ESPN, NYTimes, Amazon, Fox) • Above the fold placements
  • Campaign consistently being optimized by a dedicated team
  • Completely transparent delivery reporting dashboard
  • We will over-deliver impressions to hit the guarantee number of clicks if necessary
  • 3rd party verification
    A third party will verify whether the client authorizes the transaction and this verification is binding by law.
  • Google Partner
  • IBJ’s superior customer service